Thursday, July 14, 2005



"Biased media coverage of terrorism issue

When the bombs went off in London last Wednesday, you heard many broadcasters talking about Londoners showing defiance by continuing with their daily activities. Furthermore, you heard world leaders calling the attack on London as an attack on civilization and the overused phrase, "our way of life." A few years ago, when terrorism hit Saudi Arabia and Morocco, the same sentiment that was seen last week was absent. Many broadcasters covered those two attacks as "just another common event in the Arab/Muslim world--lack of in depth coverage from the "big three"--CNN, FOX, and MSNBC."

Two points:

1) Attacks in the Arab world are not attacks "on our way of life" because they do not practice "our way of life." These are largely patriarchal, backward countries that deny the most basic liberties to their own citizens. You can draw all sorts of reactionary parallelisms to the post-Patriot Act United States, but the fact remains that Western women are not property, we do not summarily execute people in the streets, etc. Can you honestly say that an attack in Saudi Arabia(!) is tantamount to an attack in London, and by extension that society in Saudi Arabia is the same as in London?

2) The coverage of Middle Eastern attacks is prominent because it serves as a convenient way to criticize the Bush administration, or more specifically the Bush Doctrine. Bad news in the Middle East means bad news for the Administration, specifically and generally. These are policy zingers, not news stories. Or are you among the self-proclaimed illuminati who deny a liberal bias in the media? Even Bill Clinton doesn't deny that fact.

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Joe said...

Just read you comments on Kristal's blog and responded to them there. You made a few interesting points, which I attempted to rebut.

BTW-- I like Ayn Rand, too. See, conservatives don't have a monopoly on her writing! :-)