Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gun Ban at Virginia Tech Fails

Do I want to "feel" safe, or be safe?

That question crossed my mind as I watched the news coverage of the Virginia Tech tragedy and I asked myself what I would do if a madman targeted my school. Given CU-Boulder's policy banning the lawful carrying of firearms on campus, I and my classmates could do little to protect ourselves from an armed killer.

The illusion of safety offered by gun bans is comforting, until a tragedy like this shatters the illusion. The question going forward is whether we will rebuild the illusion with more gun control, or endeavor to create schools that are actually safer by allowing law-abiding guns owners to carry on campus.

Those who were not directly impacted by the Virginia Tech tragedy do not have the luxury of mourning quietly; we must demand our right to defend ourselves be recognized by the state. The deeper horror of these school shootings is that in nearly every case the government has disarmed the innocent. People legally licensed to carry should be allowed to carry on campus.

Rocky Mountain News
Virginia Tech Gun Ban

Rep. Alice Madden: alice.madden.house@state.co.us
Sen. Ron Tupa: ron.tupa.senate@state.co.us

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