Sunday, April 08, 2007

Intrawest Boycott

Dear Intrawest:
I was at Copper on April 7, 2007, skiing with a few friends and enjoying the bands playing at the Sunstation event. I am sorry to report that this will be the last time I will be skiing at Copper, or any other Intrawest resort.

I have been a season pass holder at Copper for the last two seasons, but I saw a display of prejudice and ignorance this weekend, apparently endorsed by Intrawest, that has influenced my decision to take my business elsewhere.

Displayed prominently at each entrance to the Burning Stones Plaza was a sign stating a few simple Sunstation event rules, including: "No Firearms." While the other rules seemed reasonable enough, this rule is wrong for several reasons.

First, nothing is gained by asking law-abiding customers to disarm. Certainly anyone with nefarious intent will not mind ignoring the event rules. Even someone irresponsible enough to drink alcohol while carrying a gun is likely not interested in following Copper's rules. So, the only people with guns at the Sunstation event were likely people who wished to do others harm, or were indifferent about it.

Second, even if violent criminals do not come to free concerts in the mountains, the event rules gave petty thieves a heads-up: Everyone coming to this concert who carries a gun has been asked to leave it in his or her car. Anyone inclined to break into a car has a double incentive; they can hope to collect ski gear and guns. Thieves do not need added incentive to break into cars.

Lastly, the rule evinces an ignorance about firearms and the people who choose to carry them that offends me as a gun owner and an American.

When this rule is revoked and repudiated I will consider coming back to Copper and Intrawest. Until then I—and my friends— will be skiing and riding elsewhere.
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Right to bear Kisses said...

You are so right, Mr. MANley. What's a good apres-ski event without the god-given right to shoot people. Damn Intrawest: keepin' the MAN down.

Mike said...

All I can say is that Guns, Alcohol, and large crowds don't mix. I don't care how law abiding you are. Even if you don't drink, and you get into a situation where you are within your right to pull your gun, you fire, hit the intended target, but in doing so the bullet passes through him/her ricochets and hits some innocent bystander as well, and that's all when you or whomever is doing it by the book.

Oh, and leave the guns at home, and you don't have to worry about it getting stolen.

Anyhow, I know I feel better already with the fact that you aren't going to be attending any Intrawest functions. Please let all your NRA and CSSA card carrying friends know to boycott them as well.

Jim Manley said...

The only time a responsible CCW permit-holder would fire a gun is when his or her life is threatened. The substantive comment above—by mike—suggests the CCW holder should sacrifice his life for the sake of innocent bystanders.

The death of innocents in any self-defense situation is a horrible tragedy. But the onus for their deaths falls on the shoulders of the aggressor, not the equally innocent victim.